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Andy Maclean

I’m a 38 year old web marketeer. I don’t hold black belts in all skills associated with web marketing but i’m a bit of a ninja at SEO strategy, paid search and¬†analytics led strategy, ¬†the latter being the thing that I particularly like helping businesses with.

In this blog, which im writing partly for fun and partly because I really fancy showcasing myself in a more individual/non corporate website, after all people hire me, not my business. Speaking of businesses i’ve been running my own, Open Eye Marketing for nearly 13 years, an SEO & PPC company through which myself and my small team have helped and continue to help all kinds of businesses but almost entirely of the very small or small variety. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved with Open Eye Marketing but what ive really enjoyed in the last few years is narrowing the number of clients I work with and that businesses are now chasing me to work with them rather than the other way around. Because of that im in a lucky position where the majority of my working day is spent servicing a very small number of clients, being a part of their team and part of their success and thats where I want my focus to stay right now. So if you want to hire me im, sorry but ill probably have to dissapoint you. If you want a little bit of free advice, fire away!

I hope that this blog becomes a useful, informative and fun read for anyone interested in learning more about this fast changing industry im part of and for other SEO’s who perhaps want to disagree with me! I hope to write about some of the latest and best bits in the world of SEO as well as writing about some of the plain silly, stupid and spammy that I encounter regularly from the ill advised, naive and head strong (BTW – I admit it, i’ve made some schoolboy SEO errors in the past)!

Away from work, I moved to Eyemouth in the glorious Scottish borders in 2012. Unfortunately in the summer of that year we had a personal tragedy and our lovely daughter was involved in a terrible accident. With incredible support from the staff at The Royal Hospital For Sick Children, Edinburgh and friends, neighbours and all our family Katie-Lou is now safe and we’re all adjusting to a new way of life and every day we have her in our life is a day we are thankful for. Our 3 dogs, which double as delinquent but lovable children give me a great excuse to get out into the countryside when I can and I’ve recently got into iPhone photography – see my blog. Nikki my adorable wife doubles as book-keeper and keeps me organised.

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